10 Impressive African YouTubers That You Should Know

10 african youtubers

Written by Temi Kolarinwa

Over the past decade, the creator economy has exploded with more than 50 million people worldwide considering themselves creators. This rise would not be possible without the creative social platforms that creators use to develop and publish their content.

YouTube has long been a home for creatives looking to garner an audience. Originally started in 2005 as a means for friends to share personal videos, YouTube has now become a dominant player in viewing original and high-quality video content.

The African continent has not been left behind in leveraging YouTube during the meteoric rise of content creation. Despite not always coming from enabling environments many African creators have persevered and deliver exciting content that delights audiences and continues to attract views like a roadside incident during rush hour.

Here are 10 African content creators that should be on your radar if they aren’t already.

Thato Rampedi
Country – South Africa 
Subscribers – 130K

To be fair a lot of Thato Rampedi’s rise to YouTube fame can be attributed to his relationship with his ex-girlfriend MoTee. Their genuine connection and on-screen humor captivated fans and had them adding subscribers like Netflix circa 2015. But sadly their recent break-up in March of this year has seen Thato take a more conversational approach featuring himself and a wild cast. From episodes on navigating insecurities to group discussions on dating your friends, Thato Rampedi’s channel looks like it will keep delivering the top-notch content.

Country – Nigeria
Subscribers – 167K

Creativity unhinged. Quirky Korty is an absolute delight whose content deserves more eyeballs and accolades as she presents to you an unabashed take on what creativity from a Nigerian millennial looks like From videos on African Gen-Z promiscuity to unconventional hangouts with celebrities you never know what you’re going to get with Korty. But it’s all so warm and heartfelt. 

Wode Maya
Country – Ghana
Subscribers – 1.09 M

The original OG of the African YouTube Game! Wode started out documenting his student life in China but has since dedicated his channel to changing the narrative about Africa and how the continent is viewed by outsiders. With a consistent supply of new videos every week you never know where Wode might turn up as he has so far filmed videos from countries like Swaziland, Mozambique, and Namibia.

Naledi Mallela
Country – South Africa
Subscribers – 140K 

Naledi Mallela is a one-woman wrecking crew. Her ability to entertain and captivate an audience by herself is unrivaled as she shares tails about her exes, tv recaps and shopping haul breakdowns keep you rolling from side to side. If you want a boatload of laughs South African style, tune in!

Tayo Aina
Country – Nigeria
Subscribers – 391K

Undoubtedly when it comes to African real estate, Tayo Aina is unrivaled as he delivers a steady diet of high-quality videos that would give Michael Bay a run for his money. Unconventional delivery aside, Tayo’s ability to completely be himself is what has endeared many viewers to his personality and has had him collaborate with many celebrities and business personalities alike.

Kansiime Anne
Country – Uganda
Subscribers – 1.29 M

Straight up, Kansiime Anne is hilarious!! This prolific comedian is always bound to leave you in stitches with her diverse array of skits. I’m struggling to describe her brand of comedy other than it being hysterical. From scamming supermarket staff to dodging school teachers the Ugandan dynamo can definitely not be typecast as she displays impeccable comedic range. I won’t be surprised if Nollywood or Hollywood comes a-knocking.

Country – Nigeria
Subscribers – 378K

Zfancy of the lifestyle” is an enthusiastic prankster who spends his days terrorizing unsuspecting Nigerians with some next-level antics. With pranks like “Fake EFCC arresting people”, “African Pro Poop Prank” and “Human Head Gift Prank” Zfancy’s 6ft frame also adds to the scene as he can be quite intimidating. Zfancy himself has been arrested at least once but I wouldn’t be surprised if his lawyers are working overtime because his shenanigans are wild!

Masaka Kids Afrikana
Country – Uganda
Subscribers – 2M +

If you like kids and you like dancing then the Masaka Kids Afrikana YouTube channel is definitely for you. Now, this isn’t your “You put your left foot in and your right foot out” Hokey Pokey type of dancing. These kids are a legitimate dance troupe that would give the Jabbawockeez a run for their money. While I’m still struggling to perfect my Azonto let the Masaka Kids entertain and teach you the latest moves from the continent. 

Oum Walid
Country – Algeria
Subscribers – 10.7M

If you like food, especially North African cuisine you have to check out Oum Walid’s channel which features amazing-looking dishes at least twice a week. Oum has never actually revealed herself with her voiceovers doing the heavy lifting but she’s definitely giving audiences what they want with her amazing YouTube numbers. Oum also gives instructions on how you yourself can make her delightful cooking but you do have to understand Arabic to get the full benefits. Or you could be like me and just ogle away!

Tolulope Solutions
Country – Nigeria /Canada
Subscribers – 107K

For many Africans wandering what life abroad is like Tolulope Solutions gives you those insights documenting her new-found life in Canada. Naturally, as her husband is a frequent co-collaborator in her videos, the trails and tribulations of marriage as well as motherhood are big talking points in her videos. It’s great wholesome content for girls and women looking for general advice about womanhood, and also for men wandering what it takes to have a successful marriage and raise a family.

So there you have it. Some of the biggest YouTubers that you should watch out for. Did I miss any? Comment below on YouTubers you think we should know.

Feature Photo by George Milton

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