Community Guidelines

At BlackTies, we want to foster a diverse and transparent space that gives an equitable voice to every member of our community. In order to do this, we need to create an online space where every member can feel welcome

While we are a self-moderating community, we also have clear values that we want to uphold. Here are some common-sense guidelines that’ll help you steer away from trouble and will help us create a healthy community. Please refer to these guidelines when writing and flagging posts.

Bullying or Harassment

We want you to use BlackTies without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment or threats. Posts that become a malicious attack should be flagged. Mildly annoying posts can be ignored.

Harassment may include:

  • Comments that are meant to humiliate, hurt or attack someone
  • Sexualization of individuals
  • Incitement to bully others

Discrimination or Hate Speech

We encourage free speech and believe in the right to express different views. However, we do not permit hate speech and discrimination. Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence against people or has the primary purpose of inciting hostility against others based on certain attributes. These attributes may include ethnicity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.


We enjoy and encourage playful jokes on BlackTies. We do not encourage trolling, which can include writing random posts with the intent to provoke readers and leaving comments that don’t add value to a conversation.

Company Secrets

Some information related to companies aren’t meant to be shared publicly or shared outside of company channels. We believe that it is up to the employees to properly manage this information through flagging.


We ask that you do not post the same content multiple times. We also don’t condone promoting or selling on our platform. This may include services, products and animals. Propaganda should be flagged, as well as any posts that merely push out opinions and ideas without eliciting a constructive discussion.

Invasion of Privacy

We do not condone any attempts to guess at or reveal the identities of other individuals. Revealing personally identifiable information is unacceptable. These details can include photos, names and sometimes initials. The only mentions we will allow are the names of company executives, public figures and the names of people who have been mentioned in the press.

If you wish to express critical opinions about company executives, we ask that you do so constructively. Bullying and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.


Impersonating others, whether through usernames or content, is unacceptable behavior on BlackTies.

Inappropriate Content

Pornography, explicitly sexual content and content that may make others feel deeply uncomfortable are not acceptable. We also ask that you avoid excessive and unnecessary swearing.

Topic Relevance

Content should be posted in relevant channels. Any post that is not in the appropriate channel can be flagged.

If you see any content that violates what we stand for, please flag it for removal. Users who do not uphold our guidelines will be temporarily restricted and repeat offenders will be permanently banned from using our service. Each of you are an important member of the community and you help shape the conversations on BlackTies. The words you write and the actions you take matter.